Friday, 15 February 2013

avocado, girls, books, dolls and a cat....

I like mornings. and coffee. and maybe avocado on toast.
I like taking it slow in the mornings... I like to have tea and read, then have coffee and toast and maybe look online and watch television. it takes hours before I leave the house.
Today I have a day off so I'm super slow this morning. 
I've had a really busy week of making valentines cards with children.
We've also been sewing little felt hearts - children sewing are the cutest, especially when they get to choose buttons! I usually give them a  limit of three buttons... mainly because a lot of the time it will be me doing the button sewing.

have you seen Girls? we LOVE it here. 
I'm not sure it's on television in the uk... it's not on ours anyway.
we first saw it on our flight to San Francisco and loved it so much that we had to buy it when it came out on dvd. If you've seen it what do you think? 
I think it's amazing, it's funny, smart, has great dialogue, it feels real and Lena Dunham who writes and stars in it is just perfect. 

last month I mainly read non-fiction, but this month I'm back into stories.
This Sheila Heti book leads on quite nicely from Girls, as it has a Lena Dunham quote on the back.
Bert found this book for me (Bert says all the hipsters are reading it) and I'm really enjoying it. It also has a Miranda July quote on the back  - Miranda says it's 'a new kind of book and a new kind of person. A book that risks everything... a major literary work.'
yep. I'm not sure i'm finding it to be a major literary work (although am only half way through) but it IS really good, and kind of different and interesting, and it sort of reminds me of Miranda July's writing too.

aw look! a little momiji doll
bert bought it for me. She is called Danielle and loves 
'turning the pages to happy times, cookbooks and dreaming of becoming a pastry chef.'
she is so cute and there's a space where you can hide little messages. cutiepie.

we got new sheets too.
lime green and grey. Little sadie is modelling them for us above. Can you see those little bald patches she has? oh, Sadie! she had to go back to the vet again because of her itchy skin. She had an injection and then feels better straight away but it takes a little while for her fur to grow back. She's been so sweet recently and as soon as we sit down she jumps up onto our laps.

in other news I have been really enjoying the new Shugo Tokumaru cd, and have become a little obsessed with Nadia G on Bitchin Kitchen. There are guys doing stuff on the roof of our flat at the moment....I don't know what they are doing (something roofy) but I do know that I want to have a bath and I can't until they move as the ladder is right by our skylight... 
they've already seen Bert naked.
window update! have covered the skylight with old xmas wrapping paper and washi tape in the style of a crazy hoarder! 


  1. It sounds like you are a very busy lady at the moment! I've got a day off today too. I'm supposed to be writing an assignment but really I just want to drink tea, read books and watch Midsomer Murders!

  2. Replies
    1. oh! your first comment!! hello!x

  3. Oh poor little Sadie! Do they know what may be causing it?
    Give her a kiss from me

    1. just gave her a kiss from you! the vet just said it was allergies or stress (from her hard life!) and that she may have to go and get injections every few months or it may just stop as it

    2. Oh no! Hopefully it'll just stop one day
      Maybe there's some natural things you could add to her diet?
      Thought this may help

    3. thanks claire! that's really helpful. have you given sisco coconut oil before?

    4. A while ago, she had really dry pads on her paws. So I rubbed some in and it helped. she licked it off and loved it! If I rub it into my nails sometimes she comes over and tries to lick it off.


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