Tuesday, 19 February 2013


it's been snuffle-city at the lile-pastore house the last few days.
I did make some vegan sugar-free (used agave instead) cupcakes though and they were good and light and the frosting was delicious. 
I used Alicia Silverstone's recipe...
anyone got any sugar free vegan baking tips???x


  1. Ok, I'm intrigued...how do you make sugar free frosting? Like your plate too! :)

  2. thanks! the frosting is agave syrup, vegan margarine, vanilla and cocoa!

  3. I want to try your vegan cooking, it always sounds good!

  4. I always have this vague plan to cut out the majority of the sugar in my diet (not that there's that much but it does sneak in there doesn't it) but it's so hard! Do you ever read Sarah Wilson's blog? She's always banging on about the evils of sugar. Scary. X

    1. haven't read sarah wilson's blog - i'll go look! i didn't think i ate that much sugar but then, like you say, it seems to be in so much. there's a possiblity that i have kicked my ketchup addiction although i haven't had fries to try it out yet....x


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