Thursday, 21 February 2013


other peoples dreams are pretty boring aren't they?
here's mine from the other night....*

i dreamt i was in a house for a wedding of someone i didn't know... i didn't really know anyone there and it was the morning of the wedding. we were around a table and i noticed that there was broken glass on the floor and lots of us had bare feet. i asked someone where the brush and pan was so i could clean it up and she said it was in the kitchen. i left the room that we were all in to find the kitchen but it was just room after room after room and i couldnt find it. i asked a guy and he said it was the next room... to get there i had to unhatch a door a little like the front of a dolls house... i pressed a switch and all the lights went out and smoke started to come out. i heard people groan as the switch had turned off all the lights in the house, so i quickly turned it back on.

later in the dream i was in a room with a friend who is now dead. in the dream i knew she had died but didnt know if she knew she was dead and wasnt sure if i should mention it. instead i just told her i missed her and we hugged.

*i was possibly feverish

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