Saturday, 9 February 2013

hello weekend!

enough about bert, this is MY blog!
it's the weekend! in a minute i am going to go to hot yoga! i've never been to hot yoga before....*
I hope Robert Downey Junior will be there.
although I imagine it will be more like this....

are you a hot yogi?
what are you doing this weekend?
I am also going to learn to crochet....
happy saturday!xxx
love sian

*and i still haven't been to hot yoga.... it took me so long to find the place (on a little street in a part of town i don't know) that i was too late to go in!!! now i know where it is tho- so will try again next week!! ha ha.x


  1. Years ago when I was in uni I worked at a juice bar in a Bikram yoga centre and I could go to free classes (Although i never had free time) But I tried it once and it was amazing!!! You sweat SO MUCH! But it feels amazing! If there was somewhere cheaper near to me, I'd definitely go.
    I need to learn how to crochet too! I've started trying a few times, but find it really hard! I'm aiming to do it this year!

  2. Hahaha...was RDJ there? Hope so!

    I came out of the gym absolutely purple the other day, it was quite alarming. All the muscle badboys were looking at me strangely and when I came out I realised why. Very attractive!


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