Monday, 25 February 2013

tofu chocolate mousse... sugar free?

i don't know if tofu chocolate mousse that is also sugar free (possibly - more on that in a bit) sounds appealing at all to anyone?
but i liked it.
this is what happened...
I've had a bad throat, I was home and I wanted something easy to eat and cold and maybe sweet too. Really I wanted (vegan) ice cream but I didn't have any.
but I did have tofu... so I made mousse!
really, it's just blending stuff together to your taste. The main things you need are some soft tofu, some sweetener and some flavour (I think lemon mousse would have been good). 
I blended up tofu, raw cocoa (not that much - maybe 3 teapsoons), some agave and some maple syrup 
(not that much - a good squirt of each - again make it to your taste!)
vanilla essence, some vegan butter (about a tablespoon and a half) and a little bit of vanilla rice milk.
that's it! so far so sugar free....
ah, but then i added a glug of amaretto and am now doubting if that is sugar free. 
it would have been fine without, we just had some amaretto in the cupboard.
once it's made, chill for a couple of hours. eat plain if you have a fruit phobia (hi bert!) 
or with blueberries or raspberries if your fruit phobic husband is at work.


  1. Yum! Lemon sounds good!
    Talking of lemon, have you ever tried this yogurt
    It's so good, I could eat a whole large pot!
    One thing I miss and I've never seen is vegan rhubarb or hazelnut yogurts. i'd love one of them
    I've just realised I've been blubbering on about yogurt! ha!

  2. i have had that sojade yogurt!! the lemon one is delish...xxxx you can talk about yogurt as much as you want.!

  3. That does look pretty darn yummy!

  4. that looks fantastic! bert doesn't like fruit?! i'm not really a fan either. i eat sometimes, because i know it's good for me but yeah... i thoroughly dislike berries and citrus.

  5. That looks good. The recipe sounds a lot like this Cherry-Chocolate Mousse Pie that I've made about 3 millions times,

    I make vegan blueberry 'sherbert' all the time, too. Blend up a frozen banana with some frozen blueberries. Add your fave non-dairy milk until it's the consistency of ice cream. I don't even add agave nectar (but you could). You don't taste the banana at all so you could even substitute raw cocoa for the blueberries (and add sweetener).

    I didn't know there were fruit-phobes :(


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