Thursday, 28 March 2013

art ideas for children..

For the last few days in work I have been spending my time getting ideas and planning new art and craft projects for children to run here in the museum. It's quite a difficult task as we often have up to 200 children a day taking part, so the projects need to be quite simple, almost self led, cheap, relevant to the museum and it's collections, and, of course fun! and as i've been doing this for a little while they also need to be different each time.

Here are some things I like the look of...

stained glass windows! always good!
making envelopes. we have an old post office where I work and I thought it would be cute to make old looking envelopes and letters.... still working on that one.
salt dough offering bowls. sweet idea and possibly too messy for me where I'm based at the moment....
these animal heads are so cute! and so simple..
am not sure they fit in to my remit though...
I don't know why, but I'm not crazy about peg dolls (but I do have loads and loads of pegs....)...
even though these are pretty cute...
and these ones have leaf sleeping bags!
and this one's a pirate!
I'll probably do some paper plate weaving again this year as it worked so well last time.
I'm definitely going to do some 'wanted' posters! there is a reason behind this...
I am also deffo going to make some seed packets with children... taking these images as inspiration but making them more drawing and colouring based.

I love the look of these crayon rocks - they are made out of soy wax too.
I think I'll have to get some for the children to try.

if you have any suggestions of fun and cheap activities let me know! also any blogs and websites you use for inspiration would be really welcome too.
some blogs and websites I've found helpful include:
artful parent - great blog (and a new book coming out soon) with lots of projects for children
the little green paintbox - a uk based shop selling enviromentally friendly art products
the crafty crow - a blog I return to again and again as it collects projects from all over the web
made by joel  - super stylish children's art and craft blog

Monday, 25 March 2013

new music

i LOVE the new devendra banhart album. Have you heard it? this is my favourite song on it.
and what do we think about Devendra's new hairdo? nice huh?

and I also bought David Bowie's new album. As I have been so caught up in Devendra, I haven't given David that much time... but the single from the album is so, so beautiful.
you got any new music i need to know about?
also, what magazines do you read to hear about new music? In the uk we used to have plan b magazine but that folded and I've been a little lost music-magazine-wise ever since.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

reading makes your world big

I bought this print.
Isn't it the greatest?
and also true?
it's from Goldlion 
who also blogs here

it's going to go on the wall where I currently have a cupboard that belongs to my ex-boyfriend.
he made the cupboard and wants it back (which i'm fine with), but I didn't just want to take it down and not have something to repace it with and I thought that a beautiful postive print would do just the job.
what do you think?

Friday, 22 March 2013

stuff that's been happening

travelling just makes me super tired. if i ever get to be in a band like wild flag i think the touring will be a drag.
i have been busy doing things... mainly fun things! like going to the movies with the lovely rhys to see Oz the great and powerful in 3d - we liked it very much. we will not be accepting people not liking it or any disrespecing the divine james franco.

I went to my final crochet class. I can do very simple granny squares and am getting ready to make a blanket. I can't quite find the yarn I want tho - where do you buy yours from?
oh, and we celebrated the Spring Equinox by making a nice dinner and watching Desperately Seeking Susan.
Aidan Quinn and a cat?

I briefly went to Bristol for sort of work. I went to the Arnoflini where I saw an exhibition I liked a lot called Version Control. I also bought a book by Suzanne Lacy even though there's a book ban going on in our house. It looks great though, lots of articles by her about her artwork from the 1970s to today.
Sadie has been slightly scratchy again, claire suggested trying coconut oil on her. Am not sure if it's working or not but she now smells like a lovely warm little coconut.

yesterday I went to London for the day to meet my friend Jackie and to see some art. We went to the Hayward Gallery and saw such a great exhibition called Light Show. It was a mixture of contemporary work and also stuff from the 60s (like the divine Dan Flavin)
my favourite was Anthony McCall's installation 'You and I'. In the picture below it just looks like a beam of light. But it was a mixutre of a light beam, a projection and mist! And you could step inside this beam (which felt like an actual physical thing you were stepping in to and through) and it was a strange and magical experience.

oh and I've been reading too.
I snoozy.

penguin lines

There's a new series of books out called 'Penguin Lines' which are small books which are linked with different lines on the underground. There are some interesting authors involved - I really want to read the Leanne Shapton one - and the books are really beautifully designed.

Bert brought home this one

...which is one about the circle line (though also not much about the circle line really) and I read it on the bus on the way home from london yesterday - it would have been better if I had read it when I was on the circle line earlier in the day, but I'm an idiot.

Anyway, I really love the cover (a photo of the author when she was 15) and I enjoyed reading it to, it was a memoir of sorts about growing up with her slightly posh, bohemian family and it reminded me a little of Esther Freud's books and slightly of The Virgin Suicides... but I think that was mainly because there are a lot of glamorous sisters in it....

(see more about the books here)

Friday, 15 March 2013

this week i have been mainly....

...watching McMillan and Wife and listening to the Runaways*

this is season three. in season four rock seems to have shaved off his mustache. big mistake. 

I find both the McMillan and wife theme tune and The Runaways song Lovers stick in my head all day....

*all bert's fault

Thursday, 14 March 2013


look! an article about craftivism which is super great and i've got a quote in it! in the Telegraph!!
read it here!

Monday, 11 March 2013


I've been in Aberystwyth visiting mama and papa for the weekend and will be heading back home tonight. We have been out for afternoon tea, looked at a pet cemetery, watched a small bit of snow and taken my car to the garage and got a puncture on the way....
here's a picture of mustache's until i return...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

frozen tofu

look at these little tofu outside! I bet they are cold... maybe frozen?
have I written about frozen tofu before?
hope not.
I kept reading about frozen tofu and thinking it would be something really complicated, but really all that's happening is that you freeze it, then defrost it and cook as usual, which seems a bit pointless right?
ahh, no, it CHANGES! if you freeze and then defrost tofu it changes the texture of it, it absorbs flavours easier, and it also holds together better. I am completely sold on tofu cooked this way and marinate it first in maple syrup, oil, soy sauce and chilli flakes.
to freeze the tofu you can just get your pack of tofu and chuck it in the freezer, but you may want to drain the water out first and pop it in a plasic bag. Then you can just let it defrost out of the fridge for a day, or if you are in a hurry plunge it in a pan of boiling water for a few minutes.
frozen tofu can also be called night tofu, it's name coming from being left outside all night to freeze.
are you a tofu freezer?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


the crochet adventures continue. this morning i made some little flowers following this tutorial which the lovely shelley sent me a link to. (hey shelley!)
and the scarf???
it's ridiculous and the colour is in insane in a kind of people stare at it and say, ooo.. bright.
linking up with ta-dah tuesday of course.

it's crochet class tonight so am excited about that. in other exciting news i have the day off. i am wearing my new spongebob pjs.

Monday, 4 March 2013

i'm a piece

Remember when I wrote about the I'm a Piece project?
we did a few sewing sessions in Cardiff and I sent them off to Craftivist Collective HQ where they became part of a huge installation. It looks so amazing and I'm so pleased and proud that we took part.

the above photos are from craftivist collective where you can also read more about the project.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

what i read in february...

hi there.
here's what i read this february. it was a good month
most of these were AMAZING! the only ones i didn't love were the childrens second world war ones... they were just ok.
the diviners by libba bray was set in the 20s and was full of atmosphere and the supernatural. Huerfano by Roberta Price was a memoir about living in a commune which was really great and smart.
how should a person be by sheila heti is recommended by Lena dunham and Miranda July. It was good and interesting, but hard to connect to maybe.
Platte river by Rick Bass (no relation to chuck bass) is a beautiful, atmospheric nature type book. be-eautiful.
The Mystic Cookbook by Denise and Meadow Linn  was also really good, it's all about being mindful when you eat and how to make your kitchen full of good vibes n all.
The Slaves of Solitude by Patrick Hamilton is set in London in the 1940s and was part of my education by fiction about the second world war. I really enjoyed it... there was lots of gin it.
and finally I read Rayya Elias's  memoir about heroin addiction called Harley Coco - this is great. you should read it.
am currently reading  a book about san francisco in the 70s. what you reading?

Friday, 1 March 2013

learning to crochet...

I'm learning to crochet!
I really am.
It's been a lengthy process... initially I tried to learn with online tutorials and videos but struggled a little...
a couple of weeks ago I met up with some crafty friends who helped me get started and I've also started going to classes at a local yarn store called Calon Yarns.
I've been to two classes so far and we've been learning different stitches.. next week there is talk of making a flower! argh!
anyway, while I was in class last week I saw the most delicious neon pink yarn and had to take it home and try and make a scarf out of it.
what do you think??
the edges are not particularly straight, but it's my first attempt and I'm pretty proud of myself.
I'll be going to get more yarn later....
I really want to make blankets and 70s style shawls... anyone know of any tutorials and patterns I can find online?

I'm linking up with ta-dah tuesday and my creative space too, go see what other people have been up to!

(ooo, also wanted to add - I got an email from a lovely old college friend which made me so happy!
but when I tried to reply the email address didnt work - so lovely anna from college? can you mail me again?? maybe here - )


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