Thursday, 28 March 2013

art ideas for children..

For the last few days in work I have been spending my time getting ideas and planning new art and craft projects for children to run here in the museum. It's quite a difficult task as we often have up to 200 children a day taking part, so the projects need to be quite simple, almost self led, cheap, relevant to the museum and it's collections, and, of course fun! and as i've been doing this for a little while they also need to be different each time.

Here are some things I like the look of...

stained glass windows! always good!
making envelopes. we have an old post office where I work and I thought it would be cute to make old looking envelopes and letters.... still working on that one.
salt dough offering bowls. sweet idea and possibly too messy for me where I'm based at the moment....
these animal heads are so cute! and so simple..
am not sure they fit in to my remit though...
I don't know why, but I'm not crazy about peg dolls (but I do have loads and loads of pegs....)...
even though these are pretty cute...
and these ones have leaf sleeping bags!
and this one's a pirate!
I'll probably do some paper plate weaving again this year as it worked so well last time.
I'm definitely going to do some 'wanted' posters! there is a reason behind this...
I am also deffo going to make some seed packets with children... taking these images as inspiration but making them more drawing and colouring based.

I love the look of these crayon rocks - they are made out of soy wax too.
I think I'll have to get some for the children to try.

if you have any suggestions of fun and cheap activities let me know! also any blogs and websites you use for inspiration would be really welcome too.
some blogs and websites I've found helpful include:
artful parent - great blog (and a new book coming out soon) with lots of projects for children
the little green paintbox - a uk based shop selling enviromentally friendly art products
the crafty crow - a blog I return to again and again as it collects projects from all over the web
made by joel  - super stylish children's art and craft blog

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