Tuesday, 5 March 2013


the crochet adventures continue. this morning i made some little flowers following this tutorial which the lovely shelley sent me a link to. (hey shelley!)
and the scarf???
it's ridiculous and the colour is in insane in a kind of people stare at it and say, ooo.. bright.
linking up with ta-dah tuesday of course.

it's crochet class tonight so am excited about that. in other exciting news i have the day off. i am wearing my new spongebob pjs.


  1. i'm so so so bad at crochet! i'm kinda jealous of your new skillllll set!

  2. Whooooo, well done! First crochet project done and on to the second already. The scarf is a great colour, I way prefer violent pink to insipid pink x

  3. Oooo lovely crochet! I'm impressed with your scarf, I've been crocheting for years and I still can't do things with a straight edge!

  4. Ahh, Sian you are doing so well :)
    I need to go to a crochet class, I've tried so many times and find it so hard!
    The colour of the scarf is perfect.
    p.s. I hope Sadie's skin is better x

  5. thanks all!! it's definitely a violent pink... the edge isn't that straight tho!!
    yes! crochet class has been really helpful, i was trying to learn with books and online but i've been getting along much better with the class. sadie is better thanks! i've bought some coconut oil just in case.x

  6. I love that scarf, Sian! The color is wonderful ;P.

    Hope you're having a fun weekend!




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