Friday, 1 March 2013

learning to crochet...

I'm learning to crochet!
I really am.
It's been a lengthy process... initially I tried to learn with online tutorials and videos but struggled a little...
a couple of weeks ago I met up with some crafty friends who helped me get started and I've also started going to classes at a local yarn store called Calon Yarns.
I've been to two classes so far and we've been learning different stitches.. next week there is talk of making a flower! argh!
anyway, while I was in class last week I saw the most delicious neon pink yarn and had to take it home and try and make a scarf out of it.
what do you think??
the edges are not particularly straight, but it's my first attempt and I'm pretty proud of myself.
I'll be going to get more yarn later....
I really want to make blankets and 70s style shawls... anyone know of any tutorials and patterns I can find online?

I'm linking up with ta-dah tuesday and my creative space too, go see what other people have been up to!

(ooo, also wanted to add - I got an email from a lovely old college friend which made me so happy!
but when I tried to reply the email address didnt work - so lovely anna from college? can you mail me again?? maybe here - )


  1. Good for you with the crocheting - I have recently started learning too and have a friend who has been helping me. Really makes a difference to have someone to look at your work and give you a hand.
    I cannot recommend the tutorials from the Attic24 blog enough. So easy and clear. I'm making a ripple blanket using her tutorial at the minute.
    Good luck!

  2. oo thanks kestrel! i really want to make a ripple blanket!!x

  3. crocheting things with straight edges is hard - the granny square is the way forward.

  4. Hi, I've blog hopped here from FH and CS blog. I've loved looking at all your beautiful quilts and of course Miss Sadie Cat. Keep up with the crochet!
    Love from Mum

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of crochet! The best advice I was given was not too panic if things went a bit wrong because it's really easy to rectify eg: if you seemed to have lost a stitch just put another one in, or if you have too many crochet two together. Saying that I've had a fair few disasters in my time but like anything the more you do the more confidence you will have - you'll soon be crocheting flowers like there's no tomorrow! Good luck x Jane

  6. Attic24 has nice patterns, not that I've attempted anything very complicated yet. I have too short an attention span and the person who taught me has moved to Manchester. I must give it another go though, it's easier than knitting. Your scarf is looking good!


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