Friday, 22 March 2013

stuff that's been happening

travelling just makes me super tired. if i ever get to be in a band like wild flag i think the touring will be a drag.
i have been busy doing things... mainly fun things! like going to the movies with the lovely rhys to see Oz the great and powerful in 3d - we liked it very much. we will not be accepting people not liking it or any disrespecing the divine james franco.

I went to my final crochet class. I can do very simple granny squares and am getting ready to make a blanket. I can't quite find the yarn I want tho - where do you buy yours from?
oh, and we celebrated the Spring Equinox by making a nice dinner and watching Desperately Seeking Susan.
Aidan Quinn and a cat?

I briefly went to Bristol for sort of work. I went to the Arnoflini where I saw an exhibition I liked a lot called Version Control. I also bought a book by Suzanne Lacy even though there's a book ban going on in our house. It looks great though, lots of articles by her about her artwork from the 1970s to today.
Sadie has been slightly scratchy again, claire suggested trying coconut oil on her. Am not sure if it's working or not but she now smells like a lovely warm little coconut.

yesterday I went to London for the day to meet my friend Jackie and to see some art. We went to the Hayward Gallery and saw such a great exhibition called Light Show. It was a mixture of contemporary work and also stuff from the 60s (like the divine Dan Flavin)
my favourite was Anthony McCall's installation 'You and I'. In the picture below it just looks like a beam of light. But it was a mixutre of a light beam, a projection and mist! And you could step inside this beam (which felt like an actual physical thing you were stepping in to and through) and it was a strange and magical experience.

oh and I've been reading too.
I snoozy.

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