Saturday, 2 March 2013

what i read in february...

hi there.
here's what i read this february. it was a good month
most of these were AMAZING! the only ones i didn't love were the childrens second world war ones... they were just ok.
the diviners by libba bray was set in the 20s and was full of atmosphere and the supernatural. Huerfano by Roberta Price was a memoir about living in a commune which was really great and smart.
how should a person be by sheila heti is recommended by Lena dunham and Miranda July. It was good and interesting, but hard to connect to maybe.
Platte river by Rick Bass (no relation to chuck bass) is a beautiful, atmospheric nature type book. be-eautiful.
The Mystic Cookbook by Denise and Meadow Linn  was also really good, it's all about being mindful when you eat and how to make your kitchen full of good vibes n all.
The Slaves of Solitude by Patrick Hamilton is set in London in the 1940s and was part of my education by fiction about the second world war. I really enjoyed it... there was lots of gin it.
and finally I read Rayya Elias's  memoir about heroin addiction called Harley Coco - this is great. you should read it.
am currently reading  a book about san francisco in the 70s. what you reading?


  1. Hi there! Where did you get the Platte River book? Sounds right up Ben's street, but I can't find it online in the UK.

  2. hello! it's in waterstones cardiff in bert's recommends...x

  3. I really really wanna read that mystic cookbook! It seems like something I would really enjoy reading! How the hell do you find the time to read all these books? I guess you're not a mom :)

    1. i enjoyed the mystic cookbook, and it had a few nice recipes too... lots you'd probably know already but still a nice read! ha! no, i'm not a mom... i take a book with me everywhere i go just in case....

  4. i have that sheila heti book! i haven't read it yet, but i did acquire it.

  5. Ooo, your selection looks exciting! I'm still reading Gossip From The Forest at the moment but I need books galore for after I give birth in a month or so. After I had Edie I read LOADS esp whilst feeding her. Will def choose a couple from your list, thanks! X


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