Tuesday, 30 April 2013

what i read in april

here's what I read this April!
A goo-ood bunch I think.
Manhattan when I was young by Mary Cantwell
The Night Watch by Sarah Waters
Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton
Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore
The End of Your Life Bookclub by Will Schwalbe
Green Girl by Kate Zambreno
I await the Devil's Coming by Mary Maclane

I liked lots of these and have written more about them on Goodreads 
My Favourites of the month were probably Manhattan When I was Young which is a memoir about working on magazines in 1950s New York, and Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton - Leanne Shapton is a writer/illustrator and her drawings and paintings are just lovely. This book is a memoir about swimming, and I used to swim a lot, so, you know, I could relate.
I also thought The End of Your Life Bookclub was very lovely too, it's another memoir, but this time about a mother/son relationship when the mother is dying. They read books together and then discuss the books so it gives them something to talk about other than illness and treatments.
Oh gosh, I also really liked Green Girl... and I await the devil's coming, and even tho The Night Watch was a re-read for me, I loved that too....
so,all the books I read this month were great, aside from Texas Gothic which was just ok....
what have you been reading?
what shall I read next?
oh, and happy beltane!x

Monday, 29 April 2013


I hadn't watched Bionic Woman until recently....Thanks to Bert and his continuing 70s obsession we now have a box set. I love it, and Lindsay Wagner is super pretty (and strong, of course). She often wears great mu-mu's and robes.

Friday, 26 April 2013


my sister bought me flowers.
they are pretty.

and here's an action shot of the flowers. 
I'm thinking.

i made bread

here's the dough! 
It's a granary loaf...

and here it is! 
hurray! I perhaps should have changed the shape as the inside could have done with a bit more cooking.
we ate it with sweetcorn soup.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

sadie likes to sleep and play

sometimes I'm really comfy on the sofa and then go and get a cup of tea. when I get back sadie has stolen my seat. She gets mad if I try and move her.

yesterday Sadie and Bert played with the pink tunnel. The pink tunnel makes sadie crazy with joy.

this is my favourite picture.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

books.. and food

I've mentioned before that we are on a book buying ban in our house which started in January and runs until June. We'd decided that it was ok to have 2 emergency books.. but actually I think I've bought four... but that's pretty good going!
we decided on the ban as we have so many books at home that we haven't read.... but actually what's happened is that we have been going to the library a lot.
Anyway. When we see books we like we say 'i'll buy that in June' and add it to our list.... one book I really want to read though is Chi's sweet home volume 6 (and then 7, 8, and 9, obvs).
Last night I dreamt that I found Chi's sweet home volume 6 on sale!
the whole book buying thing seems to be proving quite stressful, especially to my subconscious. 

I moaned mentioned the other day that I was feeling worn out. I decided to take a couple of days off to do a bit of relaxing, reading, yoga and cooking.
If I've been busy I end up not cooking as much because of lack of time... but when I'm feeling tired, It's cooking that makes me feel better, more relaxed and grounded.  It's all the chopping.
There's an author called Stephen Cope who writes about yoga... he goes on a retreat and writes:

'For the first month of my stay, I had been working in the kitchen.  Hours of patient slicing. The rich smell of damp vegetables, carrots, broccoli, celery, rutabagas, squash. The silent camaraderie with my fellow slicers. Simple physical work allowed my mind to slow down. I began to feel things more acutely again, to smell and taste. I noticed what a carrot was really like. The sunrise and sunset had again become parts of my day.'

oh, and that's roasted vegetables with quinoa and marinated tofu and salad in that picture. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I've been doing a little bit of research into playgrounds and play areas recently. 
These images are the ones that really stuck out for me as they are so beautiful and so thoughtfully built.

they are all made by 

also very much like this nest.
(sorry don't know the origins of the image)

I was wondering if you could help me?
Do you know of any interesting play areas?
if you have children, what type of play areas do they like to play in, do they like the more nature/eco type play areas or do they like the more trad swings and slides?
thank you!x

Sunday, 21 April 2013

lost girl

Why did no one tell me about Lost Girl?
I am holding you all responsible.
In case you haven't watched it, it's a kind of buffy/charmed affair but with faeries... and not the sparkly, pretty kind of fairies, but the naughty faeries like the ones in books by Holly Black.
It's so good that I even found myself thinking that this guy is attractive...

...even though he looks a little like Chris Martin. But can Christ Chris Martin turn into a wolf?
NO! but Dyson can (that's the character's name, which I guess in Canada isn't linked with vacuum cleaners), and he often has to take his top off to do so.
I hate those 'keep calm' posters, don't you?
...that was until I saw this one.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

I am tired, I am true of heart.

have you read the book by Dave Eggers called 'A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius'? at the beginning it says:
'First of all:
I am tired.
I am true of heart!
And also:
You are tired.
You are true of heart!'

and then we he did the paperback and added some notes and corrections it says:
I have never been so tired.
You have:
No idea how tired I am.
I truly hope:
You are not as tired as I am.'

this is a round about way of saying I'm tired... I'm not sure why.... I think maybe I need a little holiday....

I've been reading 'The Night Watch' by Sarah Waters for our reading group... In this picture I was waiting for bert to finish work so he could walk home with me. I had a little glass of wine and did some reading.

I've also been reading this crazy amazing book which is a memoir written in 1902....
what have you been up to?
wanna nap?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

work times...

One of the things I do a bit in work is make houses out of paper...
usually when I have school groups in I get them to make their own houses as the process is pretty easy...
but the two groups I had yesterday were far too little to make their own houses, so I made them and got them to decorate them (based on their super cute sketches they had done).
one of the groups was a little late.... so I did this....
...and realised that my bunches were wonky but that my crochet scarf I just finished looks pretty cute.
I was in barn. It was cold.
the children made such adorable houses... look at that matisse-esque one on the left!
and I had new crayons. 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

sweet potato mufffins and some leeks

hey sweet potato and five spice muffins!
I made these from the new gwyneth paltrow book.
they are really good.
I've never made muffins before... am not sure when one is meant to eat muffins.
I ate three for a late lunch though, hows that?
...aahnd, I got some of these leeks
and cooked them with olive oil, white wine and mustard and put them in little vol au vents (I really don't know why I have frozen vol au vents, although what with Macmillan and Wife and Rockford being on constant dvd rotation in our house, the vol au vents just add to the 70s feel) with some vegan cheese on the top. I wish I had a martini to go with these (made by Rock Hudson).
and with the rest of the leeks, I cooked them with chick peas, shallots and mint.
and that's my food news.

Friday, 5 April 2013


I've been reading with Sadie on my lap...

...embroidering banners about inspiring women....

...going to exhibitions about quilts....

.....making simple granny squares....

....making sweet potatoe casserole..

....and eating delicious 'cheesy' pasta made by bert....
oh, and starting a blog over on tumblr - I may have pictures of Robert Pattinson on there. don't judge.

anything new with you?

Thursday, 4 April 2013

pet graveyard

A few weeks ago when I went home to visit family I got taken to Nanteos for afternoon tea.
it was delicious and the tearooms were so pretty. afterwards we walked around the grounds where we came across a pet graveyard.

pet graveyards are kind of sad...

oh pilgrim! i like that name for a dog (i'm assuming it's a dog)

but this name is the best!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

it's all good

the super lovely bert bought me the new gwyneth paltrow cookbook today even though we are in the middle of a book ban in our house.
I have the worst wisdom teeth pain thing going on* so I think he feels sorry for me.
anyway... the book is really beautiful and is gluten, dairy and sugar free.
it does have some meat and fish dishes in it but it has loads of vegan stuff too and all the vegan recipes are labelled.
I am defo going to cooks lots from this - updates to come!

*and am not keeping it to myself

Monday, 1 April 2013

reading in march

here's what I read in March.
pretty much all good stuff.
our obsession with The Runaways continues - we've both read Cherie Currie's memoir of her time in the band, and then we watched the movie with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning over the weekennd.
Also loved reading Francesca Lia Block's book Necklace of Kisses, which is a follow up to the Weetzie Bat books, did you ever read them?
would love to know if you've read any of these books and what you thought.


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