Wednesday, 3 April 2013

it's all good

the super lovely bert bought me the new gwyneth paltrow cookbook today even though we are in the middle of a book ban in our house.
I have the worst wisdom teeth pain thing going on* so I think he feels sorry for me.
anyway... the book is really beautiful and is gluten, dairy and sugar free.
it does have some meat and fish dishes in it but it has loads of vegan stuff too and all the vegan recipes are labelled.
I am defo going to cooks lots from this - updates to come!

*and am not keeping it to myself


  1. I just bought this as a house warming gift for a G/F friend. The recipes all look tempting. Lots of coconut oil which I never use - will give it a go.

  2. ooo, i recently bought coconut oil but havent really got to grips with it, and it was super pricey too...


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