Sunday, 21 April 2013

lost girl

Why did no one tell me about Lost Girl?
I am holding you all responsible.
In case you haven't watched it, it's a kind of buffy/charmed affair but with faeries... and not the sparkly, pretty kind of fairies, but the naughty faeries like the ones in books by Holly Black.
It's so good that I even found myself thinking that this guy is attractive...

...even though he looks a little like Chris Martin. But can Christ Chris Martin turn into a wolf?
NO! but Dyson can (that's the character's name, which I guess in Canada isn't linked with vacuum cleaners), and he often has to take his top off to do so.
I hate those 'keep calm' posters, don't you?
...that was until I saw this one.


  1. Interesting that you've changed Mr Coldplay's name to Christ Martin - I 'm sure he would approve!

    1. haha!! i'm going to go change it right now!

  2. Lol Squee! I've just discovered Lost Girl too and went on a complete watching Marathon. I'm now completely up to date and missing my daily does of Kensi!

    1. i'm just watching season one at the moment and excited that there are so many more episodes to come!!


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