Wednesday, 24 April 2013

books.. and food

I've mentioned before that we are on a book buying ban in our house which started in January and runs until June. We'd decided that it was ok to have 2 emergency books.. but actually I think I've bought four... but that's pretty good going!
we decided on the ban as we have so many books at home that we haven't read.... but actually what's happened is that we have been going to the library a lot.
Anyway. When we see books we like we say 'i'll buy that in June' and add it to our list.... one book I really want to read though is Chi's sweet home volume 6 (and then 7, 8, and 9, obvs).
Last night I dreamt that I found Chi's sweet home volume 6 on sale!
the whole book buying thing seems to be proving quite stressful, especially to my subconscious. 

I moaned mentioned the other day that I was feeling worn out. I decided to take a couple of days off to do a bit of relaxing, reading, yoga and cooking.
If I've been busy I end up not cooking as much because of lack of time... but when I'm feeling tired, It's cooking that makes me feel better, more relaxed and grounded.  It's all the chopping.
There's an author called Stephen Cope who writes about yoga... he goes on a retreat and writes:

'For the first month of my stay, I had been working in the kitchen.  Hours of patient slicing. The rich smell of damp vegetables, carrots, broccoli, celery, rutabagas, squash. The silent camaraderie with my fellow slicers. Simple physical work allowed my mind to slow down. I began to feel things more acutely again, to smell and taste. I noticed what a carrot was really like. The sunrise and sunset had again become parts of my day.'

oh, and that's roasted vegetables with quinoa and marinated tofu and salad in that picture. 


  1. YUM! That looks SO good! And I've said many times -- cooking is my therapist and saves me a ton of money on therapy. Plus ... I get to eat my therapist ;)


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