Sunday, 7 April 2013

sweet potato mufffins and some leeks

hey sweet potato and five spice muffins!
I made these from the new gwyneth paltrow book.
they are really good.
I've never made muffins before... am not sure when one is meant to eat muffins.
I ate three for a late lunch though, hows that?
...aahnd, I got some of these leeks
and cooked them with olive oil, white wine and mustard and put them in little vol au vents (I really don't know why I have frozen vol au vents, although what with Macmillan and Wife and Rockford being on constant dvd rotation in our house, the vol au vents just add to the 70s feel) with some vegan cheese on the top. I wish I had a martini to go with these (made by Rock Hudson).
and with the rest of the leeks, I cooked them with chick peas, shallots and mint.
and that's my food news.

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  1. Your cooking always makes me hungry! It all looks so good. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I'm due today so won't be long now! X


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