Thursday, 11 April 2013

work times...

One of the things I do a bit in work is make houses out of paper...
usually when I have school groups in I get them to make their own houses as the process is pretty easy...
but the two groups I had yesterday were far too little to make their own houses, so I made them and got them to decorate them (based on their super cute sketches they had done).
one of the groups was a little late.... so I did this....
...and realised that my bunches were wonky but that my crochet scarf I just finished looks pretty cute.
I was in barn. It was cold.
the children made such adorable houses... look at that matisse-esque one on the left!
and I had new crayons. 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oops - sorry! That had a big typo in it.

    What I meant to say was:

    New crayons! Wow - you get all the cool stuff! I'm probably getting some more seeds tomorrow though....

  3. Mmmm,new crayons... I've got jumbo crayons arriving any day as we are nearly out. They please me sooo much because I feel like we are Borrowers when we handle them! And adorable houses indeed!

    1. the crayons are no longer in colour order... i hate it when that happens but have to let it go....

  4. Thank you so much for adding me to your favorite blogs list! I just love Matisse btw ;)

  5. the most fun! makes me embarrassed to say i fold t-shirts for money.

    1. yes. making paper houses is REAL work!xx


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