Saturday, 18 May 2013

good things for the weekend!

happy saturday!
here are some pretty things for the weekend....
how has your week been? despite having most of the week off from work, I have been really busy.... this week has included two trips to bristol (one for yoga, one for tea with the lovely shelley), it's Eurovision tonight (which I think we're all excited about) and there's a Eurovision party round at my friend Rhys' house. Monday me and bert are off to London for the day - we are going to see the Lichtenstein exhibition at Tate Modern and check out a few other things too. I am back in work on Wednesday and I know I have so much on (hello half term, hello hay book festival, hello reading group) that it's just best I don't think about it at the moment.
anyway... on to some nice things....
my lovely cushions! I just had to have that one of a hare....
we watched Moonrise Kingdom again the other week. I love Suzy's books and what she packs for her trip - mainly books, but also a record player and records and a kitten.
I bought another escape magazine and this is a picture from it - it's of the inside of a tipi in tipi valley in west wales.
I am a big magazine fan.... and tipi fan.
I love this beautiful  Bubblegum Installation by Merijn Hos an Renee Riejnders

so excited about Robbie's new book! which comes out in september.
I think we all need a copy.
He blogs over at in case you didn't know.
 are you doing anything fun this weekend?
are you watching Eurovision? I think romania is my favourite... or finland


  1. Oooh - I think I definitely need that book. September huh? Just in time to put it on my birthday list for Mr Asparagus Pea! I'll head over to check out his blog too x

  2. Hiya! Been a gorgeous weekend here, really annoyed I missed the Lichtenstein though, we have had so much going on over the last two months with the move. Was it good? I guess it would be good excuse to go to Paris.

    Love your new cushions - I need some, the kids have trashed all ours over the past couple of years.


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