Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the cutest seed packets you ever did see

over the bank holiday weekend I made seed packets with the kids.
I had made a template and got the children to decorate it and the we stuck it all together and popped in some seeds that they could take home and grow.
here are just a few (badly photographed in a dark shed) images from the sessions.

I love this one so much!
look at Elliot planting his seeds and watching them grow into flowers with love!

and here it is all folded up seed packety

this one's mine...

as are these.
asparagus pea helped me choose my seeds (calendula - so the bees would like em) and was also talking to people all about bees and any fruit enquiries...

(am linking up with my creative space - people have been making over there!)

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  1. Oh those are utterly adorable! Bless them :) x


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