Saturday, 22 June 2013

book binge

Lots of my favourite writers have new books out. I have to have them!
I'm also excited to read the new Andrew Sean Greer and Donna Tartt, but haven't got them yet.
bert got me the Joyce Carol Oates and the Jay Griffiths. The Joyce one I have already started and it's about vampires! I know. It's pretty amazing and reads like a kind of a post-modern hammer horror.
I loved Jay Griffiths's other books - 'pip pip a sideways look at time', and 'wild' and this new book 'Kith' is all about childhood and place. Can't wait.
And a new Curtis Sittenfeld? what a joy!
Our new Lion cushion is so sweet. Bert saw it and really wanted it, and as he's never wanted a cushion in his life I thought we should buy it.
Lovely work people gave me amazon vouchers! I bought these two books. They look really good too.
am not sure when I  will have the time to read all of these!

and the new Michelle Tea!
Do you like Michelle Tea? I love her books so much. This one is for young adults and it has a mermaid in it, it's also a really lovely edition.
Are you looking forward to reading books this summer? 
What are you going to read?
What are you reading now?
I need to know!

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