Friday, 21 June 2013


so, first off, apologies for the rubbish photos. I am not doing these prints justice. I mentioned the other day that my camera has broken (some severe wet weather did for it) so these are my from my phone.
second, It's been print crazy over here... here's what I've been buying:

Two adorable prints from goldlion to go next to our books.
and I also got this lovely print from goldlion too. This is their photo so you can see it properly.
...and I popped it in a black frame and put it on a windowsill in the hallway.
I bought this one for my littlest niece Gwenno. Again, it's goldlion and they kindly added Gwenno's name on the top. I love it in the red frame which makes the red of the apple, ladybird and yo yo pop out.
For my birthday, Bert got me this wonderful Devendra Banhart print. Isn't it great? It needs a frame too, but I couldn't find one the right size.

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