Saturday, 29 June 2013

some pictures, some thoughts

Just some recent-ish pictures.
Reading and finishing Moby Dick, Making tofu dressing (a bit like mayo), wearing my mexican dress a lot (I may have to get another one in another colour) and reading Marie Calloway's new book which is getting all sorts of attention.... I'll tell you what I thought about it when I'm done.

It's been quiet here... I had a quiet week in work too, I researched things, tried to think up new ideas, made some crochet bunting, drank tea, thought about reading group.....

at home it's been quiet too, poor bertie's been ill, hayfever, but also maybe a virus too, so even though it's hot we've been eating soup.... pea soup, sweetcorn chowder.... and watching old movies. I've been going to yoga classes including the new hot yoga class I've found. I am liking hot yoga a lot.

Found this lovely tumblr.... and many others. Are you on tumblr? This is me - it's mainly pictures... and reblogs, and interesting things I've found...

So it's saturday morning and I have the whole weekend off (a rare treat) and am in my pyjamas drinking my coffee and wondering what to do with my day. Sadie is in her bed cleaning off the coconut oil I've rubbed into her fur. I think I'm going to read a little and then pop out for coffee, what are you doing today?


  1. I wore my Mexican all through (our) Summer too Sian. Pity it's just a bit big to look really stylish - I feel like I'm wearing a muumuu! So comfy and easy to chuck on though. I haven't read Moby Dick since i was a little kid, must dig it out again (I think I've got my childhood copy...SOMEWHERE!) x

  2. yeah, it is too big and a bit muumuu-esque - i might have to search for another one that's a better shape.
    moby dick was a bit of a struggle....


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