Thursday, 20 June 2013

some time off, some coffee....

we had some time off recently. it was nice to spend time together, to watch movies,to hang out with sadie-cat,  to cook food and to go out and drink coffee.
look at that face! sadie is having a cuddle with bert!

we went and read in the park (and drank coffee)
I made this little crochet bow brooch from Molly Makes...
and then I proudly wore it... even though it's not something I'd wear as a rule....
there we are having coffee.....
we bought books (more of that to come). The month of June saw a mid-year break in our book buying ban. we may  have gone a little crazy. The ban re-starts in July.
my handsome husband....
another day another coffee. I was on my own here, just hanging out and reading 'More Book Lust' by Nancy Pearl. I've been reading 'Book Lust' too, they are great and you can find out even more books that you'd like to read.
coffee should always be served on a silver tray.
sadie sunbathing. that girl loves a sunbeam. 

what else?
I went to hot yoga. It was AMAZING! who knew? I was worried about the heat but then I loved it and wanted to get closer to the heaters... you can bend so much more when it's hot. fun huh?
We finally watched Perks of Being a Wallflower. gosh. I cried. a lot.
We were both nervous about seeing it as we are huge fans of the book, but it was really wonderful. Have you seen it?
We are dreaming of going to stay in a cottage in the woods. And we think we'll go next year! We could stay in these
we've also been watching Twin Peaks, and Ghost Hunters.....


  1. I wad four months of holidays recently ... Spent it overseas and then the last two months at home. It was amazeballs. We went for huge walks with the hound, drank tea, made nachos, watched zombie TV series with beer. Having time off make you really appreciate the little things :)

  2. I'm finally catching up with blogs!
    Hope you're well!
    That forst pic of sadie is so cute!
    And I love the bow!


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