Saturday, 22 June 2013

vegan dinners

herb tea
we try and be healthy over here! we try and cook lots and eat as much beans, pulses and salad that we can. 
but then sometimes we just eat pasta every day....
this is salad with pomegranate seeds, tofu marinated in maple syrup, soy sauce, garlic and chilli, 
and witches supper (chick peas, garlic and mint)
a birthday breakfast of blueberry pancakes.
this looks a bit gross... but it was good. Sweet potato and pea fritters with coleslaw and some tofu/lime mayo we wizzed up.


  1. Mmmm - pancakes. Now there's an idea! I make sourdough pancakes - our sourdough starter is called Iestyn (because he's got yeast in). actually his full name is Iestyn ap Burum and he's about 3 years old.

  2. Darling Sian, I am hoeing into mince and potatoes while looking at this and thinking mmm, sounds delicious! I need less meat in my life! BTW< I am just tidying up my sewing space and found the card you sent with my lovely package of goodies. I sewed teh Indian decals and the Welsh one onto my fave jeans so I wear them all teh time xo


hello! so nice to hear from you...


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