Monday, 8 July 2013

vegan mushroom burgers and red cabbage slaw

how do you feel about mushrooms?
I have mixed feelings.
I quite like them raw and I really liked them fried, but fried HARD so that they are almost crispy and possibly charred.
What I don't like is that in between bit where they get squishy and almost snail-like. 
Sometimes if you have breakfast out they almost taste boiled. is that a thing? boiling mushrooms? 
because that is DISGUSTING.
But I do like mushroom flavour and I also like mushroom burgers!
following another recipe from the burger book bert bought (all the b's)
I made Mushroom burgers with portabello, shitake and chestnut mushrooms, along with some potato and some barley, thyme and balsamic vinegar. 
and then I went ahead and made a red cabbage and mint slaw.
and it was all good.


  1. I need a good veggie burger recipe - so I shall wait until you have tried them all out for me. The beany ricey ones sound interesting - I'll look forward to more burger related posts x

  2. my feelings towards mushrooms are similar to yours, saying that I too like mushroom burgers. I think its because the flavour is more robust. When cooked on there own they just leek water and turn a horrid texture and don't look that pretty either.

  3. That slaw looks so good!
    I love raw mushrooms with houmous on!

  4. Mmm they look yummy! I'm with you on the mushroom thing, no boiled mushrooms allowed!

  5. Isn't it weird how texture plays such a huge role in our food preferences. I don't mind rubbery cooked mushrooms:) But, I can't stand the fuzz on peaches or the texture of rice pudding (vegan version of course). Those burgers sound really yummy.

  6. Mmm this must be really good!!! I have to cook something now!

  7. Mushroom burgers sound really good! Yum! :p

    Hey, I sent you an e-mail yesterday to ask for your address, have you received it?

    Hope you're having a nice week! ;D


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