Friday, 9 August 2013

a few things i may have put on here before but maybe i didn't

these pictures were from beltane. they are such pretty pictures I think.

sadie popping her head over a chair! 

an outfit picture detail from a few months ago.

this one's from a little while ago too. Bertie's hair is much longer than this at the moment. 
Love and Haight by Susan Carlton - I really enjoyed it.

and a couple of pictures from the sewing project I'm working on with a friend.
we may have some interesting news about this project soon....
in other news I just washed my new red yoga mat with bertie's white and brown striped top. It's now pink and brown. I feel a bit bad.

we have a long weekend and have some lovely plans.
I'll see you on the other side.


  1. That Sadie is a cutie pie.
    I like your outfit shot. Then again I have a thing for stars and embroidery. Would like to see that pendant up close.
    I like Bert's look, too. I need to get my boyfriend a corduroy jacket.
    I saw your book recommendation on Goodreads. Will definitely track down that book. The cover reminds me of the cover of 'Arcadia.'
    Looking forward to hearing your news on your badge project.

  2. So many cute things (and beings)! Loveeeee.


hello! so nice to hear from you...


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