Sunday, 25 August 2013

recent things....

august is always busy for me. mainly with work, but also there's a few other things we've been up to like going away for the weekend and hot yoga (that's just me).
So the above are pictures of recent things... the big picture is my anniversary gift from bert - a sonny angel, lovechock (our new fave vegan, raw, sugar free chocolate!), new lauren graham novel (loved it), marina and the diamonds cd (been listening to it in the car), waitress dvd (love that film...) and some cute little things too. I bought bert a Napolean dynamite badge... and made him one of those photo albums all about our wedding and honeymoon. It's the cutest.
Sadie-cat has been grumpy, but I love this picture of her with her tongue stuck out! 
I've started crocheting a new blanket....
and yesterday I had an afternoon off and watched the movie Ramona and Beezus which I adored.
Bert is in work today so am catching up with blogs and books.
later we have datenight...
yep. dinner and a movie.
(the movie is a nora roberts one...)
how are you guys?

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  1. I love marina!
    You are doing so well with your crochet! You picked it up so fast! I love the colours too
    I'm jealous! ;)


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