Thursday, 26 September 2013

ana mendieta

I've loved Ana Mendieta since I first saw her work in books. I did catch a film art piece of hers in Tate Modern (I think), but haven't managed to see any of her other stuff in 'the flesh'.

So am totally excited that an exhibition of her work has just started at the Hayward Gallery so we will have to make a trip for that one.

Here are some pictures of her work, I think this stuff is mainly from the 1970s. Sadly Mendieta died at the age of 36 under unclear circumstances (literally a did she jump or was she pushed scenario). There's a great film called Women Art Revolution which looks at feminist art in the 70s and 80s and covers Mendieta quite a bit too.

It's good to have an excuse to go to London as Bert was having a look online and found out about a bookshop called Treadwell's which just looks so great! has anyone been there?


  1. Oooh - that looks good. I need a trip to London soon too!

  2. That bookshop looks fab. Give me a shout if you fancy meeting up x

  3. Thanks for posting about this exhibition. I hadn't heard of Mendieta but her work looks really interesting. I also see that the gallery will be shared with an exhibit of Dayanita Singh's work. I've been a fan of Singh's for a long time, since I heard her lecture here in Boston. The Singh exhibition opens in October.
    Thanks, too, for posting about Treadwells. I don't know of it, but see that there is a lecture next week on HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu that I'm sure my boyfriend (who lives in London) would like to attend.
    I'll be in London from Nov. 21 to mid-Jan. so if you come then let me know and maybe we can meet up!

    1. ah, i don't know singh at all - but now am excited to see her work too!
      and treadwells looks great doesn't it? let me know what the bf thinks of it
      it would be lovely to meet up!


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