Sunday, 1 September 2013

craftivism - mini fashion protest banners

This summer's craftivism project was all about ethical fashion, about how we love fashion but hate sweatshops, and about how we shop affects other people.

Yesterday we met up to stitch our mini protest banners, we had a lovely time (the weather was beautiful) and talked about where we buy clothes from and how we will shop in the future. As a vegan, many things I buy are ethical - such as eating mainly wholefoods, buying local vegetables, and buying cruelty free and natural beauty products and cosmetics.  But I don't particularly take this into my clothes buying. I do buy quite a bit of vintage and handmade, and my boots are from vegetarian shoes... but I must admit that I often buy leggings and jumpers from supermarkets.  Since stitching my banner, I am going to be much more mindful of where I get my clothes from (as it happened today in town I went into a little shop that was having a sale and bought a dress and a jacket that were ethically produced) and perhaps buy less clothes, but ones that are a little bit more expensive, don't use sweatshops and will last longer anyway.

Here are some images from our day

Claire's amazing banner
my banner all hung up

If you'd like to know more about the project (and take part!) head over to and if you are Cardiff based, why not join us next time? for more information see here at cardiff craftivists


  1. I've tried to unstitch some of the things I'm told by groups like Ethical Fashion Forum and discover that they are quite strange; they want me not to buy / Ethical Wares stuff which is made in Europe, but they do want me to buy craft beads from Uganda made of cow horn. They seem to be a pressure group funded by parts of the clothing industry to promote their products over UK-made ones.

    Still, second-hand stuff is good I think; stuff made in a democratic welfare state is good, and fairtrade is better than stuff made in the neighbouring factory so that can't be bad.

    Good luck with your search

  2. PS I left out a bit! is about this strange ethical fashion bunch. Some of the journalists quoted talking about it are pretty strange too, but that's another thing.

  3. yeah, it's a vague area and hard to find out information..
    thanks for your comments!


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