Wednesday, 11 September 2013

making tea...

we had a food festival in work last weekend. 
asparaguspea and I made teabags. 
She was the brains behind the project, coming up with the idea and drying the herbs. I was more on the design side and put together the little packages to put the teabags in.
I was reminded of the bit in Dirty Dancing when the dad says that Baby is going to change the world, and her sister is going to decorate it.  (I think we all know that asparagus pea is Baby here).

anyway. Here are some teabags! Little packets, little tags!
We decided to buy the teabags as we would be seeing lots of people (about 350 people took part in the activity), but you could make your own and make them even more adorable
Naturally I put together a pinterest board and there are lots of great ideas over there for making of teabags and for the teabag envelopes...

so, mint, lemon balm, elderflower and fennel were dried, and we got the visitors to mix up their blend and get a chance to touch all the herbs and smell them too. 
we also made sure we had a pot of the tea on the go at all times. It really was delicious. I'd like to make more of my own tea! 

here are some of my envelopes....

some elderflower. 

oh, and these are pictures of the harvest festival that asparagus pea put together 

makes ya feel all cozy and autumnal don't it?
For Asparagus Pea's side of the story (and some better photos), see here


  1. Nobody puts me in the corner! Thanks for a fun weekend x

  2. nope!! even tho you kind of were in the corner!
    i used the fact that we 'worked' together on my job review...

  3. Your tea packets and tags are so cute. It never would have occurred to me to any of these, but it is a really great personalized gift idea. I'll check out your pinterest board for more ideas.


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