Wednesday, 18 September 2013

recent things....

bert cut my hair

and let me take a photo of this...

we went away for a couple of days thanks to moms and pops and went bookshopping.
It rained the whole time we were away so we mainly stayed in and read and watched movies.

I've been reading this book (the flamethrowers by rachel kushner) which is totally great.

I didn't buy this book... but perhaps I should have.

ate raw,vegan and sugar free cheescake.

went sewing with a friend.

ate tomatoes.
now you're up to speed.


  1. A husband who cuts your hair, books, cheesecake, sewing with friends and fresh tomatoes -- what more could one want. I hope that was Bert's backside in the photo or maybe he let you take a photo of another man :)

    1. ha ha! we shall let the backside remain a mystery....
      (you might like the flamethrowers?? am not sure.x)

    2. Oh darn.
      I saw the Flamethrowers on goodreads and thought it sounded like something I'd enjoy. I'm reading 'Wonderful Tonight,' Pattie Boyd's memoir. It's not very well written, but has lots of good gossip about the whole Beatles/rock star/fashion model scene of the late 60s and 70s.
      I did my veg box post on my blog last week. Like you, I'll be doing a part II.

  2. Where abouts did you go book shopping, it looks like a proper old book shop and one that i'd love to browse.

    1. hey shaheen! this bookshop was in the cotswolds... sometimes i find some stuff in troutmark in cardiff...but don't really know of that many second hand bookstores around here...


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