Wednesday, 30 October 2013

halloween movies...

Not long to go to Halloween. Time to watch scary movies!
and by scary I mean nothing over a 15.
I get bad dreams.

First off 'Blacula' an amazing blaxpoitation hammer-esque film from 1972.
The two women starring in it (Vonetta McGee and Denise Nicholas) have the greatest outfits and are beautiful to boot.. 
It goes for quite a traditional dracula plot (but set in the 70s, think 'Dracula 1972 AD')... but it's fun and the guys are wearing polo necks.
We are looking forward to watching the follow up - 'Scream Blacula Scream'.
Bert gives it four and a half fangs out of five.
and, hey, I'm giving it four and a half too.
Valentine is a 90sesque slasher movie (made in 2001) starring Denise Richards and David Boreanaz.
It's all quite predictable but kind of fun. I find Denise to have quite a funny face and David Boreanaz is nothing after Angel.
Bert gives it four fangs out of five
and it's a three fanger from me.
Lost Boys. So, I loved this when I was a teenager but haven't seen it since. I did like Kiefer Sutherland too (nowadays I prefer Donald Sutherland...)
It's very 80s (released in 87) but that just adds to the pleasure. 
Bert gives it three fangs out of five and says it didn't make much sense as the plot wasn't explained... he also disliked Corey Haim (poor sad late corey) and his clothes. 
I liked Corey's clothes and the large swatch clock on his wall. I'm giving it four fangs and I loved the music too. and the frog brothers. and the dogs.
couldn't stop thinking that one of the vampires (left) looked like the guy from Made in Chelsea....
Dracula was another movie I watched ages ago, but having recently re-read dracula I thought the movie was due for a visit. Unfortunately Halloween week coincides with half term art activities for me so I was very, very tired when I watched this and not really in the mood for all the crazy accents that people were working with here.
Three fangs out of five for both me and bert.
Nightmare Castle is an Italian gothic horror from 1965. Our version was dubbed into English, which always adds to the horror. This was nicely atmospheric and featured some good clothes and eternal youth. Again I was a bit sleepy to appreciate it properly... but still enjoyed it.
Four fangs from us both.
Happy Halloween!!xx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

halloween crafts and some treats

more halloweeny prep.
see previous post for links to how to make the R.I.P coaster!
that ghost and boo! are badges by the way... cute huh? 
halloween treat bag! 
the bags are from here
Halloweeny wall display in work... needs more bats.
and these are the treats....
 books I got yesterday.
spookily good.
and the best treat of the day...
peanut butter cookies made by Bert's favourite customer.
they are delicious! thanks

halloween crafts

I have spent quite a few days working on halloween activities for half term!
we are going to have lots of different things to make - from simple bat mobiles, colouring pages, pom poms, sewing... and so much more! Here are some things I've found looking on lots of wonderful blogs.
If you have any easy ideas let me know!
tutorial here
these are great! I made one last night. 
from here
these are so simple but 100% cute.
Lovely lanterns from here
treat bag printable here
adorable printable bat treat bags from here
This cross stitch pattern is for sale over here, I may have to get one.
we made cone girls last Christmas and they were really popular.
So happy to find Halloween ones! print them off here

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

getting ready for halloween

It's nearly Halloween!
here are some images from halloweens gone by to get us all in the mood.

bertie's cat pumpkin

and here are my blog posts over the last few years... halloween 2012halloween movies 2011stwmp!
we have been watching supernatural, ghost hunters and the twilight movies* recently... getting ready for halloween movies proper. 
I'll keep you all informed

*don't tell anyone

Sunday, 20 October 2013

other blogs....

I really want to make this bobble blanket. 
If you do too, there are instructions over on rachele's blog. 
Rachele took a little blog break which I wasn't happy about, but she's back now wearing an awesome cat skirt, so all is right with the world.
Jen - who blogs at sugar pollution has moved from Cardiff to Vancouver.
I've been loving reading about her travels and she also posts gorgeous photos like these too!

Before I had ever read Jen's blog, Bert bought me one of her cute brooches she makes, then I started reading her blog, and then I finally met her when she came to quite a few of our craftivist meet ups.

Someone added this picture to my facebook not long ago. 
I'm up at the back there (where the arrow is).
This picture is from preschool, and it looks like we are on some kind of trip....

I also really loved this post from up the garden path
I love reading my paper crane at any time of year...but it gets REALLY good when it comes to Halloween!
Did you read Neil Gaiman's lecture about reading? It's here if you'd like to, it's great.
What blogs have you been reading recently?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

phone pictures of recent things, some of which aren't that recent...

here I am leaning up against a tree thinking about autumn.
These photos are all off my phone that I don't think I've shared on here before....
but maybe I have. 
We have been busy here... working hard, watching ghost hunters and supernatural. all important stuff. 

Think this is probably a veg pot pie. but look at those stars!! 
and green beans with garlic and soy sauce - quite a new thing in casa lile-pastore.

I've been crocheting away. Finished this baby blanket and am almost done on another one. 

also learned how to do popcorn stitch... but am a bit vague on the ends of the row... sometimes the popcorn goes flat....

oh! look at sades! 
It's her birthday soon - she'll be celebrating the big oh-eight.
Here she is siding with bert and complaining about my piles of books and magazines.
They always gang up on me.

here's me and bert in the park! hurray!
am getting quite excited about halloween. 
Over half term I'll be doing art activities in work and we'll be watching lots of not so scary films...

Sunday, 13 October 2013


this image is by the artists Fishcli and Weiss.
I love their work.
Also today is National Fungus Day in the UK! recently I've been getting into fungus....

Landscape for fire by Anthony McCall
Yesterday we went to see an exhibition at the National Museum in Cardiff called 'Uncommon Ground: Land Art in Britain 1966-1979'
We loved it. There was so much good stuff, some we were familiar with and some new.
I was immediately captivated by Anthony McCall's film Landscape for fire which was performed in the early 70s and had elements of ritual and a kind of pagan feel to it.
Just looking for information about him now, I realise that he's the same artist that I loved from the Light Show exhibition in Hayward last year
'You and I, Horizontal' by Anthony McCall

In the last couple of weeks I have been to two conferences all about art, education and creativity. I have been thinking a lot since then about creativity and teaching creativity, or teaching people to learn (as someone said at the conference).  I guess this is the same kind of idea as steiner and montessori education - children are taught to question, to investigate things for themselves, to learn by doing and to become interested in learning. The outcome then is to find the thing that you love and do well and then do it. 
Alongside this I've been reading 'The Participatory Museum' by Nina Simon, (she blogs here if you are interested) which I partly think is fascinating and coming from a really good place and partly think is totally lame. I'd be interested in your thoughts if you've read it!

It's Sunday. It's almost lunch time and I'm still in my pyjamas with sadie cat asleep on me. Bert has just put 'Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter' on.
we hope you are having a lovely sunday too.x

Thursday, 3 October 2013

books i read in september

here's what I read in september
Brewster by Mark Slouka
Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman
Karm Chow by Melissa Costello
Wheel of the year: Living the magical life by pauline campanelli
A welsh witch: a romance of rough places by Allen Raine
Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner

a great month, all were interesting! I think my fave was the flamethrowers, closely followed by Brewster.
now it's autumn I think it's fine to just stay in all day and read. no?


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