Wednesday, 30 October 2013

halloween movies...

Not long to go to Halloween. Time to watch scary movies!
and by scary I mean nothing over a 15.
I get bad dreams.

First off 'Blacula' an amazing blaxpoitation hammer-esque film from 1972.
The two women starring in it (Vonetta McGee and Denise Nicholas) have the greatest outfits and are beautiful to boot.. 
It goes for quite a traditional dracula plot (but set in the 70s, think 'Dracula 1972 AD')... but it's fun and the guys are wearing polo necks.
We are looking forward to watching the follow up - 'Scream Blacula Scream'.
Bert gives it four and a half fangs out of five.
and, hey, I'm giving it four and a half too.
Valentine is a 90sesque slasher movie (made in 2001) starring Denise Richards and David Boreanaz.
It's all quite predictable but kind of fun. I find Denise to have quite a funny face and David Boreanaz is nothing after Angel.
Bert gives it four fangs out of five
and it's a three fanger from me.
Lost Boys. So, I loved this when I was a teenager but haven't seen it since. I did like Kiefer Sutherland too (nowadays I prefer Donald Sutherland...)
It's very 80s (released in 87) but that just adds to the pleasure. 
Bert gives it three fangs out of five and says it didn't make much sense as the plot wasn't explained... he also disliked Corey Haim (poor sad late corey) and his clothes. 
I liked Corey's clothes and the large swatch clock on his wall. I'm giving it four fangs and I loved the music too. and the frog brothers. and the dogs.
couldn't stop thinking that one of the vampires (left) looked like the guy from Made in Chelsea....
Dracula was another movie I watched ages ago, but having recently re-read dracula I thought the movie was due for a visit. Unfortunately Halloween week coincides with half term art activities for me so I was very, very tired when I watched this and not really in the mood for all the crazy accents that people were working with here.
Three fangs out of five for both me and bert.
Nightmare Castle is an Italian gothic horror from 1965. Our version was dubbed into English, which always adds to the horror. This was nicely atmospheric and featured some good clothes and eternal youth. Again I was a bit sleepy to appreciate it properly... but still enjoyed it.
Four fangs from us both.
Happy Halloween!!xx

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  1. These look like they're about my speed (bonus points for groovy costumes). But since I get nightmare too, I'll wait until I'm with my bf to watch anything scary.


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