Sunday, 13 October 2013


this image is by the artists Fishcli and Weiss.
I love their work.
Also today is National Fungus Day in the UK! recently I've been getting into fungus....

Landscape for fire by Anthony McCall
Yesterday we went to see an exhibition at the National Museum in Cardiff called 'Uncommon Ground: Land Art in Britain 1966-1979'
We loved it. There was so much good stuff, some we were familiar with and some new.
I was immediately captivated by Anthony McCall's film Landscape for fire which was performed in the early 70s and had elements of ritual and a kind of pagan feel to it.
Just looking for information about him now, I realise that he's the same artist that I loved from the Light Show exhibition in Hayward last year
'You and I, Horizontal' by Anthony McCall

In the last couple of weeks I have been to two conferences all about art, education and creativity. I have been thinking a lot since then about creativity and teaching creativity, or teaching people to learn (as someone said at the conference).  I guess this is the same kind of idea as steiner and montessori education - children are taught to question, to investigate things for themselves, to learn by doing and to become interested in learning. The outcome then is to find the thing that you love and do well and then do it. 
Alongside this I've been reading 'The Participatory Museum' by Nina Simon, (she blogs here if you are interested) which I partly think is fascinating and coming from a really good place and partly think is totally lame. I'd be interested in your thoughts if you've read it!

It's Sunday. It's almost lunch time and I'm still in my pyjamas with sadie cat asleep on me. Bert has just put 'Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter' on.
we hope you are having a lovely sunday too.x


  1. What a coincidence! I was just thinking about painting red and white toadstools on a bag or a pair of shoes and there you have a lovely photo of red toadstools.
    I worked in the curatorial dept. of a museum for 15 years in the 80s and 90s, and I have to admit that I find so much of what many museums are doing now to be 'participatory' far too gimmicky for me. I just find more and more museum exhibits getting too "off-topic" just to include something seemingly sensational or celebrity oriented instead of making the topic exciting. I'm a dinosaur, I know.

    1. it's an interesting topic (the whole participatory thing)... i think in general it's coming from a good place -trying to get more people involved and to create a community - but only if it's done well. my favourite museums/art galleries are the pitt rivers in oxford and tate modern.. neither particularly participatory in their exhibits but still have lots going on. are there any museums/galleries in the US that you know of that are doing it well or badly?

    2. oop that comment made it look as if i was all for it... when actually, yep! there are loads of awful projects/ideas out there!


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