Sunday, 20 October 2013

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I really want to make this bobble blanket. 
If you do too, there are instructions over on rachele's blog. 
Rachele took a little blog break which I wasn't happy about, but she's back now wearing an awesome cat skirt, so all is right with the world.
Jen - who blogs at sugar pollution has moved from Cardiff to Vancouver.
I've been loving reading about her travels and she also posts gorgeous photos like these too!

Before I had ever read Jen's blog, Bert bought me one of her cute brooches she makes, then I started reading her blog, and then I finally met her when she came to quite a few of our craftivist meet ups.

Someone added this picture to my facebook not long ago. 
I'm up at the back there (where the arrow is).
This picture is from preschool, and it looks like we are on some kind of trip....

I also really loved this post from up the garden path
I love reading my paper crane at any time of year...but it gets REALLY good when it comes to Halloween!
Did you read Neil Gaiman's lecture about reading? It's here if you'd like to, it's great.
What blogs have you been reading recently?


hello! so nice to hear from you...


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