Saturday, 19 October 2013

phone pictures of recent things, some of which aren't that recent...

here I am leaning up against a tree thinking about autumn.
These photos are all off my phone that I don't think I've shared on here before....
but maybe I have. 
We have been busy here... working hard, watching ghost hunters and supernatural. all important stuff. 

Think this is probably a veg pot pie. but look at those stars!! 
and green beans with garlic and soy sauce - quite a new thing in casa lile-pastore.

I've been crocheting away. Finished this baby blanket and am almost done on another one. 

also learned how to do popcorn stitch... but am a bit vague on the ends of the row... sometimes the popcorn goes flat....

oh! look at sades! 
It's her birthday soon - she'll be celebrating the big oh-eight.
Here she is siding with bert and complaining about my piles of books and magazines.
They always gang up on me.

here's me and bert in the park! hurray!
am getting quite excited about halloween. 
Over half term I'll be doing art activities in work and we'll be watching lots of not so scary films...


  1. I just wrote a long comment and deleted it! doh!
    You are the crochet queen!!!
    Sadie is a little bit younger than Sisco, and I love your jumper

    1. aw! i wish sadie and sisco could be friends! (even tho sadie is antisocial!)

  2. I like all your photos, very impressed with your starry pie and your lovely crochet. And your bunny is excellent!

  3. You are so cute, Sian! And these are some adorable images! :)

    Are you going to dress up for Halloween?

    Thanks a lot for dropping by! Hope you have a wonderful day and week! :p

    1. ha! thanks miki! we-ell, have bought a dress with a skull on it and a skull hairclip so it will be kind of normal wear with a nod to halloween!

  4. Your celestial pot pie is gorgeous. I bet it tasted good too.
    Sadie looks quite comfy on that pile of books and magazines. She can't have complained about them too much if she uses it as her perch.
    I used to be a magazine addict, too. Luckily that is no longer the case.
    I read your previous Halloween posts. Scary movies give me nightmares, which are ten times scarier. I avoid them at all costs. But I'm with you on older horror films. Bad special effects are my friend.


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