Saturday, 16 November 2013

my week

my week has been a mixture of being off sick and nice things.
I usually get a cold/flu type thing in November. I even had a clear week the week before last which I was hoping would be my sick week but sometimes it's hard to plan a bad cold. So the cold and acheyness didn't really fit in with my schedule, but when you've gotta lie down on the sofa with a blanket and a pile of teenage novels, you gotta.
Sadly I missed one of my yoga classes. I was mad about that, but I also couldn't move.
The class I missed was part of a yoga course I've been doing which is called 'yoga and you' all about trying to do a daily schedule and to learn more about yoga. We start with a half hour of yoga, then we have tea and have a little talk and then we have a relaxation at the end. 
I was back in work on friday and still felt a little poorly and couldn't get warm. 
Friday night I'd booked onto a candlelit yoga class which made me feel so much better... possibly because the room was heated and it was just so warm and lovely, with candles which were pretty and beautifully fragranced. We also had a forty minute relaxation at the end which was totally dreamy.
This morning I went to see Project Wild Thing which is a lovely documentary about getting children to play outside. Have you seen it? 
And I also went to our newly refurbished local library and it looked so great! I'm so happy we've got our library back.... it's only round the corner and I love going there.
After my library trip I read Alexa Chung's book 'It' which I really liked.
It's getting colder but it's cosy inside and Sadie is sitting in her box.
Oh, and did you read about Bat Kid?
it's the sweetest story ever.x


  1. Hiya, I am coming down with a cold too. Not good! Batkid story was very awww :) xo

    1. urgh! hope you are ok mrs c! eat some caynenne like claire suggests!

  2. I'd never heard of that documentary, but sounds like a very sweet idea!
    Much needed too. When my sister and I was little we'd spend hours outside making up games
    Did you ever try to make 'perfume' from flower petals?
    As usual Sadie is a cutie
    Try having lots of cayenne pepper inn your food
    do you have a juicer? Try having ginger/apple/lemon 'shots'
    they really help
    Feel better soon xxx

    1. yes! made loads of perfume! it always started off nice and then went mouldy pretty quickly!
      i remember that you had mentioned cayenne before so i had been adding it to my food and thinking about you when i did so!x

  3. Oh no. Sorry you've been unwell.
    I hadn't heard of that documentary. It's sad that kids aren't spending as much time outdoors any more. I remember spending hours smashing rocks with a hammer to see all the little mica bits in them. I also played 'archeologist' by burying a ceramic doll's tea set around the yard and waiting until the next summer to dig them up. (yeah, I was bit of an oddball).
    I just found a stripey 70s sweater like yours at the thrift store. Unfortunately it's more pastel and doesn't have the nice autumny colors of yours. It's very cosy though.
    I hope you feel better soon.


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