Sunday, 3 November 2013


It's been busy over here so there has been lots of coffee drinking.
This one is almond milk coffee with some maple syrup.
This morning I've been in quilt club and am feeling quite sleepy now. I was thinking of going out to do a little shopping, but it's so blustery and rainy here I think it's best to stay in and drink tea and read the papers....
Bert is at work and Sadie-cat is asleep in her new box (from our new dvd player) and I've got some cooking shows on in the background. 
Anyhow, around here we have been....
carving pumpkins for halloween.
making halloween dinner. This is a pumpkin and cauliflower pie, sounds a bit weird.. but it was really good.
running super crazy busy art activities. Here is my outfit. 
some of the art activities... pom poms, coasters....
my little spooky drawings which could be turned in to rings or finger puppets....
these are cute little pumpkins! I think they are called munchkins. I'm gonna roast 'em right up.
Last week Bert made the greatest lasagne. He is super talented when it comes to pasta....
that photo looks like we posed it so you could see the guitar slicer thing. We didn't.
and now Halloween is done it's time to think about christmas.
I've already given santa-bert my christmas list.
and you might be able to see at the bottom there that I've ticked that I have been good all of the time.
(i have).


  1. That lasagna and the pumpkin cauliflower pie look like perfect foods for a cold blustery night. Did you use a recipe for the pie, or just make it up as you went along?
    I'm not a coffee drinker but find myself inexplicably drawn to spicy flavored teas when it gets cold (normally I like my tea plain and black).
    You have been busy with Halloween! I like the mushroom amidst the skulls and ghosts :)
    How kind of you to make gift-giving so easy for Santa.

  2. Fab pics Sian,
    I love your necklace for Halloween.
    I spyed that guitar spatula at a shop when in Cardiff early this week with nephews and nieces and hinted I would love it for my Birthday, which is well before Christmas. Really liking the sound of your pumpkin cauli pie too.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Hey Siani! Is that 'Hart of Dixie' I spy on your xmas list?! This is a new TV-viewing low! Fabric from Fabric Rehab, on the other hand, gets a full thumbs up from me! x

  4. Also, since moving, I somehow now have the Syfy channel. It's just started showing Buffy from episode 1 - yay!


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