Sunday, 29 December 2013

bagels and 'cream' cheese...

today I made bagels and cashew cream cheese.
this is the recipe I followed for the bagels, and I think they've turned out ok... they are just cooling out of the oven and Bert-Bagel-Pastore will have to give them the official taste test later.
I've been wanting to make cashew cream cheese for a while but you need a blender and I didn't have one...
thanks mama (who got me a little blender for christmas)
To make cashew cheese you have to soak the cashews in water for at least two hours. I think the longer you soak them the smoother the cheese will be, so you can soak them over night if you have time. I only gave 'em two hours as I was super keen to give it a go....
then you blend them with salt and nutritional yeast flakes, apparently you can just do that, but I also added olive oil and some water to loosen it up. I also added some chopped spring onions at the end for a bit of excitement.
cashew cheese is so 2014.

UPDATE! bert liked them! whoop.
the big success tho is the cashew cheese. gosh.


  1. Both look yummy and that bagel recipe looks very easy. I'll have to try making them. I hope they pass the 'Bert-test.'


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