Wednesday, 11 December 2013

christmas crafting

I'm making Christmas decorations in work for the next couple of weeks.
I'm inspired by these wonderful things.

A cute holly brooch by wild olive

pretty crochet garlands over on messyla handmade

the cutest little stockings made by home baked although my friend anna
 made some that are equally as cute as these!
I'm going to try making these baubles today! instructions over on meet me at mikes

I made these little trees. They can be brooches or decorations.

I like these too. Beautiful colours. 
They are from here

We'll also make popcorn garlands, paper chains, tissue paper pom-poms, paper lanterns and so much more!
happy making.x


  1. I definitely need a holly brooch - I think the buttons should be red though. Maybe Santa will bring me one *sighs theatrically and looks into middle distance* x


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