Saturday, 28 December 2013


christmas eve table....

christmas dinner.
it looks a little gross in this picture but it tasted good. I cut out hearts for the top of the chestnut pie

some christmas books.
and my nearly done crochet blanket.

a new sonny angel for my collection! and a christmas one too.

we've had a lovely christmas. bert is already back in work but i have some time off. the weather is awful - all rainy and windy, the kind of weather that wakes you up in the middle of the night.
a yoga studio I go to has been open over the holidays so am hot yogaing it up this morning.. they also had a class the morning of christmas eve which was perfect.
I've been thinking more about training to be a yoga teacher but am stumped by the practicalities and the cost of it.
Yesterday me and my friend Rhys attempted to see 'frozen' at the cinema but it was sold out so we had wine and food instead.
hope you are all having a lovely time


  1. Glad to see you had an enjoyable holiday. That Angelica Houston book looks interesting. Saw a Surrealism show in Madrid on my recent holiday (to Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona) which included some Leonora Carrington paintings. First time I had ever seen any in person and they were wonderful.

  2. Merry Christmas! Your dinner looks lovely and yummy!


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