Sunday, 15 December 2013

crafts, tudor foods, the usual

I have been making christmas decorations with all sorts of people this week... and next weekend have my final christmas decs family sessions for the year. 

felt decorations, nanna baubles and paper chains. 

Sara (who I work with) was showing visitors to the museum  what a Tudor holiday would be like food-wise.
The table looked so beautiful and she had cooked such interesting foods.

it was our last knit and sew of the year yesterday, so we ate festive treats while knitting, sewing and talking about our experiences with ghosts. (really! + I love hearing about supernatural experiences so I was happy)

I love it when our knit and sewers bring their projects in for people to see.
Anna has made this cute little guy.
oh gosh.

Anna also made this lovely princess and the pea toy. The little princess sits on piles of mattresses....
she is sleeping of course. oh, and that's her crown on the left.

and here are the peas! Princes and the pea is my favourite fairy tail. I also like the Jon Scieszka where they put a bowling ball under the mattresses 

Margaret made this little snowman which was super soft and totally loveable. 

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