Thursday, 19 December 2013

in 2013 I....

I realised last night that I had pretty much given up sugar for a whole year.
That cake in the pic is an agave sweetened one
I was pretty surprised by this... because somewhere along the way it had just become an everyday thing that I didn't eat sugar any more and I hadn't even noticed.
I haven't completely completely given it up as  if someone makes me (vegan) cakes or cookies or buys me chocolate I'll eat it and be really appreciative! but my everyday life is sugar free. 
As it's Christmas I'm going to be a little more sugary for the rest of the year and back to sugar free in Jan.
some other things that I did this year are....

made mini suffragette flags with Sara Huws...
this is an ongoing project which we'll be getting back to in the new year too....

learned to crochet.
or did I learn last year?
whichever it was, 2013 has felt like the year of the crochet for me.... I've made two baby blankets, little shapes and have nearly finished that yellow and orange blanket in the picture above.
crochet is amazing.
This year I started doing hot yoga and have found two different studios to go to which I love!
I've also been on a yoga course which has made me really interested in studying and reading more. 
I have booked myself on to a hot yoga class for the morning of christmas eve, which just sounds delicious and have a day course in the new year to look forward to as well.
have you started something new this year?


  1. The cupcakes you've ate had no sugar in them, just something called 'sweet freedom' :D haha, apparently 100% vegan :) I used it to sweeten my tea afterwards, yummy.
    Is honey vegan? I always wondered...
    Also- 2014 is the year I definetely need to start some things... :) happy New Year! xxx

  2. hi gosia! those cupcakes you made were really good! i've used sweet freedom too, but use agave more. some vegans eat honey some don't... i think it's a bit of a grey area... but neither me or roberto eat it.xhappy new year to you too!x


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