Wednesday, 1 January 2014

it's a new year! eat rice!

Happy new year!
This is what we ate on New Years Eve.
I read somewhere that rice is a good luck food to eat on new years eve, and apparently lentils are good luck to eat on new year in Italy.
and I feel that I am pretty much Italian these days. ;)
So I cooked up a rice dish using rice (basmati and wild), peas, puy lentils, onion and pepper. I also marinated some tofu in maple syrup, garlic, ginger, soy sauce,olive oil and salt and pepper, and fried that separately and added it at the end. 

magically lentils are meant to bring peace, energy, tranquility and harmony.
rice brings fertility, abundance, security, prosperity, wealth, treasure and protection
salt gives protection
tofu brings psychic awareness
the red pepper brings prosperity, security, strength, energy and comfort
garlic protects and heals and gives courage and inspiration!
ginger always feels really magical to me! it gives energy, success, power, money, prosperity, health and love
maple syrup tastes delicious and brings love, longevity, luck and wealth
onion protects too.
oh and peas bring luck and prosperity (like any green foody things i think).

I also had some wine and I think we all know that's magic too.


  1. What a lovely way to plan a New Years meal, Sian. I wish you ll of thses thing for this year and onwards! xo

  2. Happy new year! We ate rice and drank magic wine too!

  3. Yum!
    Come cook for me! ;)
    Happy new year, lovely lady!
    Give Sadie a kiss for me x

  4. And the wine brings a hangover!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR lovely. Hope it's a happy and healthy one. X


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