Thursday, 23 January 2014

outfit thoughts....

have had my eye on this dress (from Toast) since about November last year....
and finally ordered it yesterday in the sale. whoop.
I am also very interested in these boot (from here)
and that's my fashion news.


  1. I have the shoe version of those cat boots, they're lovely! (by the way, I have a new blog!)

  2. Cat boots!! Sadie will not know what to make of them hehe

  3. Very pretty dress that you'll be able to layer and wear year round.
    I didn't realize Vx was selling T.U.K. boots. I didn't make it there when I was in London this time. I found a pair of T.U.K cowboy boots at the thrift store (I think you commented on them on my blog), which I ended giving to a friend as they were really too big for me.


hello! so nice to hear from you...


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