Wednesday, 19 February 2014

at the movies

We love going to the movies... but somehow we have stopped going so regularly. It was time to work on some new rules.... I love rules.
So, every other Tuesday we have to go to the movies, whatever is showing.... usually we go to chapter because it's near our house and they show the best movies, also we can eat veggie burgers afterwards. Here's what we've seen recently.

august: osage county
I was really looking forward to this.... as it looked like it was a movie about women helping each other. and julia roberts is in it.
I feel I should mention that this film is a touch bleak... there's alcoholism, drug addiction and bad relationships... also Meryl Streep is overacting in it....
but Julia Roberts is wonderful, I completely adore Julia and she steals the show here. It also has other great people in it - Juliette Lewis, Ewen McGregor, Chris Cooper and the sublime Sam Shepard.  I found it flawed as a movie... but also interesting and it's stayed with me too. I'm giving it 7 out of 10... and Bert is giving it 6 out of 10 and says 'Streep needs a taking down'.

Kill Your Darlings
I forced Bert to come and watch this with me as Ginsberg is one of his most favourite people ever and Daniel Radcliffe the least.... (bert just said he doesn't hate the radcliffe he has no thoughts about him. also he's never seen harry potter, which is just redonk)
Really, I just can't resist a film about the beats.... this one is all pre anything beaty - before they started writing seriously and when ginsberg is friends with naughty lucien carr...
Actually Daniel Radcliffe was fine in this and we both enjoyed it whilst also thinking it was a bit lame. Jack Huston who played Jack Kerouac was handsome though - i'll tell you that for nothing.
we are both giving it 6 out of 10

Inside Llewyn Davis
We were both looking forward to this one, Bert loves a 60s Greenwich Village and I was keen to see what Justin Timberlake was going to do with that beard.
We both really enjoyed it and cats featured too... The main character (llewyn) is interesting and not wholly likeable... Garrett Hedlund was also in which I was pretty excited about.
Garrett is duh-reamy
I had issue with them saying that Llewyn was a welsh name... but Bert has told me to let that go.
Bert says that he was still thinking about the film the day after and he gives it an 8.5... or maybe a 9
I found the ending a teensy bit unsatisfactory but enjoyed it overall... it's an 8 from me.

and on dvd we have also watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1 and 2 which we stole from my nieces and are in love with, oh and I also snuck in Pitch Perfect which I enjoyed, but think it's probably best not to analyse that too much.


  1. I'm with Bert on the Streep overacting issue - she could lay off the fluttery hands and face touching for my money too! x

  2. I enjoyed reading your movie reviews Sian, I hope you'll keep writing them.
    (I was going to go to our local outdoor cinema last night to watch August Osage County, but everyone refused to come with me and I'm still not that crash hot on going to the flicks alone. After reading your review I don't really mind that I missed it anymore...)

    1. thanks kylie!! for you i shall write more!!


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