Monday, 24 February 2014

vegan broccoli bisque

It's hard to make broccoli soup look pretty, and am not sure I've succeeded here....
Anyway.... I don't go in for broccoli so much but got a bunch of it in my vegbox and thought soup would use it up nicely. It's really good, low fat, healthy and has a lovely subtle taste. If you wanted it to have more punch you could add garlic and chili but I wanted to keep it pretty plain first time round.

Two heads of broccoli
soaked cashews (just used what I had - probably a little less than a cup)
stock (I used a sachet of miso stock)
nutritional yeast flakes (about two tablespoons)*
a dash of olive oil
salt and pepper

How to make it:
Soak the cashews for an hour or so or overnight - the longer you soak them the smoother they will be.
Cook the broccoli until just soft - I boiled it, but you could steam it too.
Once the cashews have soaked blend them with the nutritional yeast flakes and stock and oil if you are adding it.
Add the cashew mix to the broccoli and blend with a little water. The soup should be quite thick.

That's it! This whole cooking with soaked cashews is a revelation, no?

*nutritional yeast flakes are not the same as marmite/yeast extract - they are dried flakes that are kind of cheesy and nutty.x


  1. What is the function of nutritional yeast flakes - is it for extra food value or are we in marmitey seasoning world?

    1. they are a kind of nutty cheesy flakes... not marmitey at all. they are pretty amazing. i put them on everything!

  2. Hello Sian,

    Well, we absolutely love soups of all kinds and broccoli is a favourite. However, we have never tried it in combination with cashew nuts. Contrary to what you say, we think that your soup looks very good indeed and the consistency looks perfect for a nourishing bowlful all set to ward off the chill of a winter's day. We shall try this out immediately!

    Thank you for your kind comment to which we have made reply.

    1. thanks jane and lance!
      lovely to see you back!!


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