Monday, 3 February 2014


hmmm. our weekend did not go to plan due to some dodgy chestnuts and a nasty bout of food poisoning. All was not well in the lile-pastore household. Bert even wondered if we had been spiked with vervain.... (too much Vampire Diaries).

During our feverish/hallucinatory phase I believed that I had four bodies and they had become separated due to the illness and I needed to get them back together again before I could begin to feel better - almost in an astral projection way.... but without the astral projection. Bert thought he was in 'Charmed' and woke me up saying 'Where's Piper?'. When we finally started to feel better and could stay awake for more than ten minutes we lay on the sofa bed and watched tv... there was nothing that was too dull for me to watch... I sat through two episodes of 'Hart to Hart' and wished that it was on all day. Bert took advantage of my weakened state by making me watch Columbo and a 70s disaster movie called Rollercoaster.... Buck Rogers, The Avengers and even McCloud (McCloud turned out to be the programme that was too dull) and topped it all of with a Charmed marathon....

Sadie was particularly kind to us..
now it's over all I want to eat is super plain food... tonight's dinner was mashed potatoes with baked beans... yesterday was beans on toast.... tomorrow is probably butter pasta.


  1. Oh no - poor you! That sounds awful. Hope you're feeling better. Those nuts can be a bit tricky sometimes x

  2. Poor you! Hope you feel better! Glad Sadie was nice to you
    Last time I was ill I lay ion the bed next to Sisco and she booted me in the forehead!
    Not so sympathetic that one!

  3. Oh, food poisoning sucks! :/ Hope you get over it soon!

    And Sadie is so cute!


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