Sunday, 2 March 2014

gothic times


I read A LOT of Anne Rice as a teenager... that may be where my vampire obsession interest began.... I also read Dracula as a teenager but it was not a patch on the Anne Rice books! Dracula was not a hottie like Louis or Lestat!! Any-way. I re-read Dracula last October and this time round was swept away with the gothic-ness, it was so dreamy! (aside from the ending which was a little too adventurey for me). Since then I have been after something similar (bert just ordered me Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu) and have been loving anything gothicy, Victorian, and magical... with vampires as a bonus.

I have just finished reading Joyce Carol Oates's 'The Accursed' which is a big ol' book (650+ pages).. I loved the beginning but found it all a bit of a struggle... still, it was super atmospheric and reminded me a lot of dracula, it had some great bits in it and even though I found it hard work it has really stuck with me.
I have mentioned Vampire Diaries before... we can't stop watching it, and yesterday we re-watched The Moth Diaries which is a girls boarding school, possible vampire story movie... I really like it (although the book is better) and it's pretty too.

Yesterday I started Alice Hoffman's new book - 'The Museum of Extraordinary Things' which bert got me a proof copy of. It's delightful and is fitting in with my preferred themes! here's a trailer for it!

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