Sunday, 9 March 2014


french fancies are so pretty.
I love that colour combino of pink, yellow and brown....
they are not vegan obvs, so I just admire their beauty.

I just started reading this for reading group.
My friend Rhys has read it and says it's like a cross between 'A Welsh Witch' by Allen Raine (a previous reading group book written in 1902) and a Nick Cave murder ballad. 
I think he's right. It's a slight book (just over 100 pages), but pretty wonderful so far.

next on my list....

vegan pancakes for pancake day. 
we went for American style pancakes and had them with maple syrup and vegan butter.

Bert dressed up as Ginsberg for world book day. 
ginsbert props
last night we went to see 'only lovers left alive'
but more of that again.... my tiny mind was blown.

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